On How to Get Laid Without Being Rapey

There are so many dating guides out there for awkward young men. And they usually involve coercion, and since this seems to be the only advice for men on the market, I decided it was time for me to engage in one of my side projects: helping people get laid, and also working against rapists. So here lies a comprehensive guide to getting laid without coercion.

Step 1: The Approach
You see her across the room and think to yourself, it would be fun to have sex with her. What should follow is: I wonder if she is a cool person. What should not follow is: how am I going to trick her into getting naked. Now go up to her and say hello. If she rejects you, just walk away, because you aren’t entitled to getting laid.

Step 2: Getting to know this person that you expect to be vulnerable around you
Ask lots of questions about things she thinks and cares about. Do your best to read her body language. Slowly but surely you can increase you contact, but if she tells you no, stop because you aren’t entitled to getting laid.

Step 3: Moving on after clear interest
Did you get consent to continue? No. Then stop. Ok, you have consent now, so perhaps you could do something together that is fun so that you feel more comfortable around her and she feels like a person and this is about people coming together. Keep talking to her and increasing intimacy. If at any point she pulls away, back off because you aren’t entitled to getting laid.

Step 4: Getting her naked
So now that you are two consenting adults who have increased contact into a clearly romantic place, you can continue to engage in sexual contact with her. But if she tells you to stop, then you need to stop because you aren’t entitled to getting laid.

Step 5: The Aftermath
Ok, so now like two consenting adults you had a fun time. What is proper etiquette? Don’t assume she is trying to be clingy and don’t assume she is trying to get money because she has thoughts and ambitions of her own because she is a person. Assuming you are both interested, you may continue to increase intimacy, but you will need to ask for consent each time, because you are not entitled to getting laid.

You can’t be entitled to people, because that is slavery. And women are people. And if you believe that your chances of getting laid are much higher.

You’re welcome.


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