On the REAL History of East Palo Alto

Number 4 in the best of series. I think the degree to which this was popular highlights the lack of knowledge about this community. A lot of activists and Stanford students spend time and resources here without knowing what is going on.

You can love people for who and what they are or you can hate them for what they are not. Activist credo to live by.

With Love From the Rebel Alliance

This story deserves its own book, but don’t worry EPA, I got so much love for you and I have plans for this narrative, but for now I am going to tell the raw and dirty version of East Palo Alto’s history and its surrounding community, with particular emphasis on Stanford’s relationship with the community.

My love for East Palo Alto started early in my Stanford career. My parents drove me to orientation and upon looking at the directions realized that Stanford had them going the long way so as to avoid EPA. My parents’ are bay area natives so they thought that was stupid and we went through it anyway. I didn’t see what the big deal was; it looked basically the same as any neighborhood I had ever seen in my life. It didn’t take long for me to figure out why they tried to make us go…

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