How to be a REAL Alpha in the time of Trump

In case you’ve been living under a rock for a while, let me bring you up to speed.

Trump is a creepy, sexual predator who also running for president.

He’s mediocre as all hell and super creepy but he gets away with it because he’s was born with silver spoon in his mouth. 

He says hateful things about pretty much everyone except himself, including women he’s trying to have sex with. 

But he’s said enough disturbing and hateful things about women, on such a systematic level, that women are rightfully pissed off.

If you are a man, you might have noticed that anger and be asking yourself what you can do. You might feel powerless because society has been telling you this man is some kind of Titan we all have to bow down to.

I’m here to tell you that he’s nothing more than a whiny bitch who’s an affront to good men anywhere, and if you have any spine at all, you will fight this monster.

But maybe you don’t know how. So here’s some tips for men who are looking to help women in this disturbing and upsetting time.

1) Honestly assess the extent to which you’ve personally ever acted like a Billy Bush. Have you said some things that sounded similar? Have you laughed awkwardly instead of calling your friend lame when they say something similar? 

Now. Once you’ve done that, you can just stop doing those things. You have the power to determine who you surround yourself with and what kind of language you will tolerate. Talk to your friends and call them out when they do something so pathetic. Stop joining because you are too scared to step up. Find new friends, if you have to. 
Warn women you know against these men. They benefit from the silence of other men and it’s how they continue to victimize us. And frankly, if they say anything that sounds like sexual assault, they should be reported. 

You’re a grown man. You dictate the environment around you. 

2) Stop telling women not to be upset about this and if you really want a gold star, reach out to the women you know and ask them, without making it about you, how they feel about this. Ask how you can help. Do something that alleviates their stress. You all have women you rely on to exist and function, do something nice for them.

3) Talk to your sons/nephews/male athletes/students/boys everywhere. Teach them to be the kind of man that doesn’t allow that kind of talk in their presence. Model that in your own behavior. 

4) Talk to your daughter/women everywhere, about how to be the kind girl who wouldn’t tolerate that talk. Then work on actually making this place the kind of place where she won’t have to. 

5) Educate yourself. There are lots of good men doing this work. Here’s just two of my favorites and they are both two starting points. And if you ask really nicely, I’ll take the time to do that educational work. 

Jackson Katz is one of my heroes and such a wonderful role model for men. https://youtu.be/O4Ya4BTi01k

Patrick Stewart has spoken, passionately and brilliantly, about the way this culture affected him and the women around him

There’s are lots of brilliant, strong, intelligent, masculine men in my life who are regularly doing this work and for them I am grateful, but it’s not enough. Because this problem is so endemic to our culture, it means we have to fight it on all fronts. But it also means everyone has a way to contribute. You don’t have to be the warrior dedicating your life to this make a really big difference.

All you have to do to be a good Alpha is to be a good man to the women and children around you. This change is going to have to start at home with each of you.

Because if you’ve been wondering why women date jerks it’s because they’ve been hiding among you pretending to be you and then turning around and bragging about raping us to you.

And only you can stop it.

Not an alpha, just a creepy, orange troll


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